Progetti speciali

In questa sezione vengono pubblicati i progetti cui il Consorzio SGS ha partecipato e partecipa in qualità di partner e capofila:

“EACH – European Approaches for Children Education”

TACT-EUROPE (Training for Alzheimer Care Through Europe)

Progetti finanziati nell’anno 2014

Progetto Erasmus + “Consistent ways”

Progetti finanziati nell’anno 2015

Progetto Erasmus + “PI – Parenting Support Initiatives

Progetto Erasmus + “Belie(f) – Better Live the End of Life

Progetti finanziati nell’anno 2017

Progetto Erasmus + “Hybrid Stories in Adult Education

Progetto Erasmus + “HIPE – High Models of Social Inclusion Involving Social and Health Partners in Europe”

Progetti finanziati nell’anno 2018

Progetto Erasmus + “Be Happy in Life

Progetto Erasmus + “Linking Partners to Share Good Practices for Social Inclusion of People with Mental Health Problems

Progetto Erasmus + “EFFE – Empowering Families to Face Social Exclusion: best practices to empower families with Alzheimer patients and avoiding their social exclusion” 

Progetti finanziati nell’anno 2020

Progetto Erasmus + “SESYCARE” – Social Entrepreneurship Skills to Young CAREgivers of people with chronic Illness

Progetto Erasmus + CARE4AUTISM – Exchanging Good Practices for Adults with Autism and their Family Caregivers

Progetto Erasmus + SEED – Sharing experiences against exclusion and discrimination

Progetto Erasmus + EU- RUDISNET Network for social inclusion of people with disabilities in The EU rural areas through
mentoring and leadership training program

Progetto Erasmus + Emotional intelligence as a social support in coping with stress in personal and professional life in adults