TACT-EUROPE (Training for Alzheimer Care Through Europe)

All the member States of the European Union have to face the Alzheimer disease in its various components:
– research about the disease,
– the prevention,
– the care pathways,
– the development of new jobs,
– the assistance to the patients
– the support to the formal and informal caregivers

The “TACT-Europe” project (training for Alzheimer care through Europe) intends to identify the vocational training needs of the professionals related to specific questions:
– the specific professional risks (stress, management of the aggressiveness of the patients, burn out);
– the different steps of the development of the disease and the adaptation of the assistance brought by the professionals;
– the improvement of the quality of life of the patients and of their families;
– the communication with the patient and his/her circle.

The participating countries are the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece and France.

The partnership will think of the creation of complementary continuous training units answering the training needs identified among the partners which are not today proposed in the participating countries.